BOpeepal Coaching Cards


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A brilliant way to understand and help young people especially through times of difficulty.



When words fail, use a different language. BOpeepal™ cards from Double Bubble Coaching give you a powerful tool to help you understand what’s going on for the people closest to you. They help children and adults think about and show each other how they feel. 

Anybody can use the cards with confidence. Each pack has 40 cards showing the BOpeepal™ character in a different scene. There are also 4 instruction cards and 1 listening card that give ideas and simple explanations for how to use the cards.

You can choose one, or a few, to show how you feel. The cards can be used to show specific feelings; tell stories about a past event or build a picture of what you would like to happen. By choosing and sharing images, conversations become easier to start and emotions and behaviour easier to understand. The cards help because it is often easier to show how you feel through an image than to find the right words.

Ideal to use for children aged 7-14 years but have been used with children as young as 4 and adults have been known to use them in corporate settings.

Introductory offer: £19.99


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