Our Story

So where did Lela Loves begin?  Dancing lessons, ice-cream sundaes and many a pinched product from our bathroom cabinets all had a helping hand! We are two mums, five children between us, each juggling family, home and work life! Sound familiar? Our two eldest children, Amalie & Ella have been embarking on an amazing journey of ‘growing up’ nearing their teens and neither of us are finding it particularly easy! Bringing children up in this new digital world can be daunting on top of the challenges we had when we were young; friendship troubles, worries about how our bodies were changing - and smelling!!! You get the gist. 
When the girls were young, we used the wonderful array of baby products that adorn the store shelves (or online pages) but gradually the girls saw these products were for babies and wanted something more grown up. As they started to experiment with the odd product from our bathroom shelves - which could sometimes be expensive - we really noticed there was a gap in the market providing tweens and teens with fun, gentle and effective skin, body and hair products. Coupled with the scary reality of how anxiety is so common for this age group nowadays, we had a desire to create a one-stop-shop that supports a teen’s body and mind and is truly focused on this exciting but sometimes tough journey into adulthood.
So after spending many a Saturday discussing our idea while our girls enjoyed their dance lessons, we met up over ice-cream sundaes and pitched our idea to the girls. They loved the concept - creating a collection of everything they loved that would appeal to others and came up with the name Lela Loves: LE for Amalie, LA for Ella!

As we embark on this exciting journey, we are constantly looking for brands and products that appeal to both boys and girls so if you have any thoughts or ideas, or are interested in us stocking your products, please get in touch at hello@lelaloves.com.

Louise & Jo




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