My Mindfulness Experience by Amalie

Mindfulness for Teens & Tweens

Hi! I'm Amalie. I am 12 years old and I would like to share my experience of mindfulness 

I started experiencing mindfulness at junior school where a mindfulness trained teacher helped us to overcome day to day obstacles to achieve our goals and become more positive and relaxed. We were taught different breathing techniques that we could use whenever we felt anxious, worried, upset or just a bit wobbly! 

One mindfulness tool that really helped me was called body scanning. This is when you lie down somewhere quiet and comfy and you close your eyes. You then tense and release individual body parts starting at the bottom with your toes and working your way up tensing your calves, quads, glutes, stomach, arms, fists and lastly your face. I found this really helped me switch off and go to sleep at night. 

During SATS week when I was in year 6, I used a tool called finger breathing. You use your index finger to draw around the fingers on your other hand. When your index finger is going up you breathe in and when your finger is moving down the other side you breathe out. You draw around all five fingers and this really helps to slow your heart rate and calm you when you feel nervous, worried and have butterflies in your tummy.

I was keen to continue mindfulness as I started my secondary school journey not knowing what challenges I would face. I attended a weekly Mindful Magic course with the lovely Emma at the Konasana Dome in Cobham. Not only did I enjoy meditating and learning different breathing tools, my favourite part was when we created a piece of art each week expressing how we feel and embracing ourselves with lots of positivity. My glitter jar that I made sits on my bedside table. It represents my feelings - when you shake the jar I see the glitter and stars swirling around displaying my angry or anxious emotions but then I watch the glitter gradually falling and I feel myself calming down.

Emma has really helped to give me skills that I can call upon whenever I feel unsure of myself or I need support.


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