Be Your Best Self - Book Review

Be Your Best Self - Book Review

Amalie, aged 13

'I enjoyed reading this book as it is very helpful and motivating and covers a wide range of life skills. It has helped me set goals and find the right mindset to achieve them. I have also learnt about how your sleep and diet affect your performance and behaviour and why it is important to make good food choices that benefit your physical and mental health. Everything is clear and explained really well and is a great guide on making good choices.'

'Through reading this book I have discovered I often have a fixed mindset when I find something difficult. This book has given me tips and strategies to develop a growth mindset so I can approach difficult situations in a more positive way.'

Louise, Amalie’s Mum

 'With so much uncertainty currently in our lives, this book is wonderfully empowering and gives practical support on goal setting, staying focused and learning how to fail well. It is so important that children and teenagers understand that failing is learning and, along with perseverance, failure ultimately leads to success.'

'This engaging book also covers key life skills to being your best self such as kindness, taking on new challenges, people skills and the importance of having good role models that inspire you. It is a motivating read that can always be kept close to hand for a confidence and uplifting boost during times of self-doubt.'

Be Your Best Self – a must-have guide that helps young people thrive in everyday life, order your copy here.

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